We endeavor for the development of Gems and Jewelry industry of Tanzania from mine to market and to enhance its competitiveness internationally by facilitation, technology up-gradation, skill development and marketing/ branding.
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To strive to reach our goals by exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers with continuous improvement in quality, productivity, value, new product offerings, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to the production of the highest quality products while achieving an acceptable return on investment.

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Welcome to Rocu Gems. We are a private Minerals company that was started and registered in November 2022 by the registrar of companies in Tanzania.

Since the company was started there have been large growth and improvement in the operation of our business. Exploration activity is managed by professional skilled and technically competent personnel and is accompanied by an international team of geologists from Tanzania with years of proven experience.
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From Mine to Market

We buy rough rare gemstones directly from small-scale miners all over the region. We have developed close relationships with these miners over the years. We then cut the material right here in our local factory and we either sell to you rough or cut or polished gemstone.
There is no middleman; our gemstones come from the ground directly to you!


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TANZANIA - JUNE 01:  Tanzanite : The Blue Diamond Of The Masai On January 6Th, 2002, Tanzania. In The Light Of Their Headlamps, Kneeling For Hours On End, The Miners Dig Using Chisels. They Fill Their Backs With Rubble Which They Hoist Upwards Using A Rope Pulled Up To The Surface.  (Photo by Patrick AVENTURIER/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
Tanzanite Mining
499ct Tanzanite Crystal Lot (3)
sales of Rough & cut & polished gemstones
178ct Tanzanite 2 to 4 mm
sales & marketing consultations


I have been in search for a Tanzanite for quite some time now. I contacted The ROCU GEMS regarding a Tanzanite that I found on their website. I applied for an account and was assigned a gemologist by the name of Antony. That’s where I hit the jackpot. He was very professional and walked me through the entire process. He answered so many detailed questions.
Abella Smith Customer
I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from this company. The product is superb and exceeded my expectations in every way. Additionally, the service I received was excellent. The staff, Lucas was friendly and helpful, and he went above and beyond to ensure that my experience was positive. I would highly recommend this company to others, and I will definitely be a returning customer in the future.
Joel dawson Customer
I ran across this website during my search for a matching pair of tourmaline gemstones. I am not an expert in gemology but I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. I selected pear shaped gemstones to complement my tourmaline trillion cut necklace. I very much appreciated the personal touch by having a gemologist allocated to my account. Also, the Mining & Geology Report and Grading Report was much appreciated
Misha Cross Customer